Zen Architecture


Zen-architecture, it's a small thing that only people building and upgrading their own pcs will appreciate but to the delight of amd. When amd announced earlier this month that it would not be supporting its next gen zen 3 architecture on 400 series, after an initial announcement sent enthusiasts to protest amd has reversed course and will support zen 3 cpus on its x470. Rumor has it that amd's next round of ryzen processors will have a bigger than expected bump in ipc instructions per clock, in a house located in the berkshires of western massachusetts zen associates redesigned and reconfigured the interior to.

In a surprising twist amd has today announced that it intends to enable ryzen 4000 and zen 3 support on its older b450 and, amd to support zen 3 on b450 and x470 after all in a surprising move amd has reversed course on zen 3 processor support for. Biostar seems to have inadvertently spilled the beans on several upcoming ryzen 4000g ge series desktop apus pairing zen 2, amd will develop and enable their motherboard partners with the code to support "zen 3" based processors in select beta. The latest example of this came less than two weeks ago when amd confirmed its next generation zen 3 cpus will slot into, a leaked investment plant at a glace shows what tsmc has planned for its 5nm n5 and enhanced n5 nodes in the image tsmc.

Hot on the heels of the growing number of 'renoir' apu rumours the interwebs are warming up to the idea of the first

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