Guadalupe altar

"King's Day Altar", 40"x 60" photograph, pigment print on canvas.  1/11.


I discovered this house at the beach in Mexico just after King's Day in January. As a cultural statement it charmed me because it holds so much meaning beyond the shrine itself. In addition to the Madonnas, Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Belle and the Little Mermaid adorn the TV tray. I love the energy of the lights and colors that transport me out of myself. I love the hose and the blue chair.  Everything reflects tidiness and order and respect for the family's home and beliefs. The green color of the neighbor's house inspires me, but I'm not sure if it's to paint it or eat it.

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river rocks river rocks


"River Rocks"
Photo mural, vertical diptych, 2010.  Pigment print on canvas. 168" x 90".  River rocks was inspired by a stream in Mexico photographed early in the morning.  The finished mural is installed in the two story atrium of architect Paul Weir's home in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.  The spiritual moods of the mural change with the light throughout the day from a skylight in the atrium ceiling.













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  "The Chatahoochee River at Dawn". The exquisite beauty of nature inspired these photos taken at dawn on the Chatahoochee River in Georgia when I awoke to a glorious golden light in the sky. As the sun rose higher, the light rays became more balanced in full spectrum color causing the same scene to look like a completely different place as the color changed from rose gold to blue. I love how a place changes character as light changes throughout the day.
  "California Seascape" 
Photo Mural, 2010. Pigment print on watercolor paper 36" x72". I loved the way the  waves washed over the green mossy plants on the rocks.  It had a much more delicate, feminine energy than that of the power of the surf crashing in many ocean vistas.
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The Present Photograph

Children’s book. “The Gift”, By Elspeth Leacock and Deborah Whitehouse. Photographs by Deborah Whitehouse. A photo-based reading book for early language learners that documents the lives of a real Mexican family through the eyes of Karen, an 8 year old girl, when her grandfather returns home from working in the US.  It is a story of family values that triumph over adverse circumstances when Karen learns to use her creativity and resolve to keep her family close during periods of long term separation.  English/Spanish.

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Joy Heals photograph

“Joy Heals” celebrates the richness of international culture as endorsed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for their new visitor’s center in Atlanta.  Inspired by the spiritual aspects of healing and joy, this theme aligns with the CDC's vision for happy, healthy people around the world.

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